What happens when a former game developer and a billionaire entrepreneur meet, and include the baseball team the Boston Red Sox? Quite simply, you realize their vision of the perfect PC racing simulation. After the developer Papyrus, known for Nascar Racing and Grand Prix Legends, took the lead developer David Kaemmer and multi-millionaire John W. Henry into comapny […]

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A new online racing game hit the PC in November 2011, Simraceway!  Somewhat comparable to iRacing, this online racer has more of a arcade feel to it, instead of a hardcore simulator.  It’s more like the Forza series than a full on sim.  It also has fun cars that you will likely never see […]

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DiRT Showdown

Codemasters have always been up there with the best when it comes to creating exciting racing games, and following on from the success of DiRT3 comes DiRT Showdown. Taking a leap away from the rallying action found in the “real” DiRT games, Showdown instead focusses on one key feature: utter carnage. Obviously, taking a well […]

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